Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is the Inlaw rumor true?

When I first met Mr.Awesome I was very hesitant to speak up about things…anything really. I would let people walk all over me and just make excuses for why they did. Sometimes it had a negative effect on me, and other times, if I was lucky it didn’t really affect me…thank you God. Then Mr. Awesome spoke up and said I needed to start standing up for myself and speaking up when things need to be addressed. Of course I couldn’t just change my ways immediately, but I was up for trying it….it definitely didn’t come easy. Then little by little it got easier. I started to see how much better I felt standing up for myself and what I believe in that it started coming a little easier.

Fast forward to today. I’ve been married for 3 years and I have a 19 month old. I’ve been pretty open to constructive criticism on how to raise my son and I have also shared a lot, if not all his important childhood milestones to date with family and friends. I can handle a lot, but a few things I cannot handle, and frankly I shouldn’t have to because I’m his mom and Mr. Awesome is his dad and we shouldn’t have to answer to anyone on the decisions we make for our son or our family. Call us bad parents, but we don’t panic when BA1 has a cough, or when he’s on his 5th antibiotic in 19 months, or when his cheeks get red when he is super active, or gets warm. We know kids get sick when they are in daycare all the time, we know doctor’s would tell us if they were concerned about the number of antibiotics he’s been on and we already know he has excema and while we apply lotion it’s not a life or death matter and it doesn’t bother him. We take him out way past his bedtime, we let him eat sweets, we let him play outside even if it’s a little to warm out and we even let him jump off the couch if he wants (gasp), but he’s a boy…a healthy, happy and very smart little boy who loves to cuddle, talks your ear off and is going non-stop 24 hours a day. We are good parents. We aren’t perfect parents, but neither were our parents or their parent’s parents. We love our son and would never willingly put him in harms way. Why do people have such a hard time understanding this???

Back to the real reason for this post. My MIL over-reacts..a lot…and she gets upset with us when we say something about it. So I finally said something and now she is ignoring me…it’s like walking on eggshells around her. At first it didn’t bother me, whatever, I have too much stress in my life courtesy of my job to have to deal with this too. Now, it just angers me because she wants to see BA1 but she won’t call me and ask. She only calls Mr. Awesome. I am his mom and I’m not going to make an effort to get BA1 over to see you if you are going to treat me like that. I also don’t think this is something I need to address, I think it’s Mr.Awesome's responsibility. If my mom was making him uncomfortable I would most definitely talk to her. I’ve done it before with my grandma who likes to push off her religious beliefs on Mr. Awesome and I’d do it again if I had to. I have no desire to do anything that involves me being around her and that’s unfortunate because if I’m not there BA1 won’t always be there. So what do you think? Mr. Awesome needs to speak up, or do I just carry on the way I’m doing now and not let it stress me out?

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